Chocolate Recipes
Peppermint Schnapps, Vodka, Kahlua, Bourbon, White Creme de Menthe, Southern Comfort, Hot chocolate
Castillian Hot Chocolate
Cocoa powder, Sugar, Cornstarch, Water, Milk
Chocolate Beverage
Milk, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Egg
Drinking Chocolate
Heavy cream, Milk, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate, Whipped Cream
Godiva Peppermint Patty
Hot chocolate, Peppermint Schnapps, Godiva Liqueur
Hershey Squirts
Hot chocolate, Whiskey
Hot Butterscotch Cocoa
Butterscotch Schnapps, Coffee Liqueur, Hot chocolate, Whipped Cream
Hot Chocolate #1
Milk, Cocoa powder, Sugar, Salt
Hot Chocolate to Die for
Chocolate, Butter, Vanilla, Half and Half, Marshmallows
Jen's Hot Chocolate Butterscotch
Hot chocolate, Butterscotch Schnapps, Irish Cream
Chocolate milk, Rum
Malibu Jane
Malibu Rum, Cocoa powder, Milk
Malibu Massage
Malibu Rum, Creme de Cacao, Sprite, Milk, Coconut syrup, Triple Sec
Hot chocolate, Irish Cream, Malibu Rum, Rum, Creme de Cacao, Whipped Cream, Cinnamon
Mogul Masher
Cocoa powder, Rum, Rumplemintz, Water, Whipped Cream
Nuked Hot Chocolate
Cocoa powder, Sugar, Vanilla, Milk
Orange Scented Hot Chocolate
Milk, Chocolate, Orange peel, Espresso, Nutmeg
Shocking Chocolate
Cinnamon Schnapps, Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate, Irish Cream, Malibu Rum, Creme de Cacao, Cinnamon, Whipped Cream
Spicey Scot
Butterscotch Schnapps, Spiced rum, Hot chocolate, Whipped Cream
Tropical Clarkson
Hot chocolate, Kahlua, Whipped Cream
White Ape
Hot chocolate, Irish Cream, Cinnamon, Whipped Cream
Wooly Mitten
Southern Comfort, Peppermint Schnapps, Irish Cream, Cocoa powder, Water, Whipped Cream

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