Pass The Pigs
Pass The Pigs is readily available in NZ and Oz, but I don't know about the
rest of the world. It's a great drinking game, though. The following will be
meaningless if you don't have the game:

Pig Out - consume
Off The Table - Consume
Makin' Bacon - full vessel consume
Trotter-Razorback - allocate one consumption
Snouter-Razorback - allocate two consumptions
Jowler-Razorback - allocate three consumptions
Piggy Back - Everyone else shouts you all night

When someone reaches 100, they throw the pigs again, divide the score by four,
and that's how many consumptions they can allocate. Whoever is on zero when
someone gets 100 must consume. Whoever is last (except for those on zero) must
also consume. We also play that you can't pig out until you've thrown a point
(this prevents getting a pig out on your first throw).
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