Almond flavoring
Almond Shrub
Rum, Orange Juice, Lemon, Sugar, Milk, Almond flavoring
Amaretto Liqueur
Sugar, Water, Apricot, Almond flavoring, Alcohol, Water, Brandy, Food coloring, Food coloring, Food coloring, Glycerine
Cool Cow
Milk, Almond flavoring, Honey
Cranberry Punch
Cranberry Juice, Sugar, Pineapple Juice, Almond flavoring, Ginger Ale
Irish Cream Liqueur #1
Condensed milk, Irish Whiskey, Egg, Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Coffee, Vanilla, Almond flavoring
Irish Cream Liqueur #3
Irish Whiskey, Condensed milk, Whipping cream, Egg, Chocolate Syrup, Coffee, Almond flavoring
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