Bitter lemon
Absolut Evergreen
Absolut Citron, Pisang Ambon, Ice, Bitter lemon
Blue Bay
Blue Curacao, Bitter lemon, Ice
Flash Gordon
Gin, Bitter lemon, Sprite, Ice, Lime
Johnny on the beach
Vodka, Orange Juice, Bitter lemon, Ice, Orange
Kiwi Lemon
Kiwi liqueur, Bitter lemon, Ice
Pisang Garuda
Pisang Ambon, White rum, Bitter lemon
Vodka, Parfait d'amour, Bitter lemon
Saint Paul
Gin, White rum, Bitter lemon, Ice, Angostura Bitters
Absolut Kurant, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Bitter lemon
Thal on the rocks
Gin, Creme de Cassis, Vodka, Bitter lemon, Tonic Water, Lime Juice, Ice
Genever, Bitter lemon, Ice
Vodka Bitter lemon
Vodka, Bitter lemon
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