Condensed milk
Rum, Limoncello, Condensed milk
Water, Cream of Coconut, Milk, Condensed milk, Egg, Cinnamon, White rum
Coffee, Condensed milk, Cocoa powder, Ice Cream
Cream Cordial
Condensed milk, Coffee Liqueur, Whipping cream, Egg
Creamy Rum Liqueur
Condensed milk, Cream, Milk, Rum, Chocolate Syrup, Coffee, Water
Egg Nog - Healthy
Egg, Sugar, Condensed milk, Milk, Vanilla, Rum, Nutmeg
Guinness Punch
Guinness Stout, Condensed milk, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cocoa powder
Irish Cream
Scotch, Half and Half, Condensed milk, Coconut syrup, Chocolate Syrup
Irish Cream #2
Half and Half, Whiskey, Condensed milk, Egg, Chocolate Syrup
Irish Cream - Bailey's #1
Whipping cream, Vanilla, Brandy, Chocolate Syrup, Egg, Condensed milk
Irish Cream Liqueur #1
Condensed milk, Irish Whiskey, Egg, Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Coffee, Vanilla, Almond flavoring
Irish Cream Liqueur #3
Irish Whiskey, Condensed milk, Whipping cream, Egg, Chocolate Syrup, Coffee, Almond flavoring
Irish Cream, Home Made
Condensed milk, Cream, Egg, Chocolate Syrup, Rye whiskey
Irish Cream, Home Made #2
Egg, Condensed milk, Whipping cream, Chocolate Syrup, Coconut syrup, Vodka, Brandy
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