Dr. Pepper
187 URge
Jack Daniels, Vodka, Dr. Pepper, Sugar, Cherry
Tequila, Dr. Pepper, Lime Juice
Bitch's Brew
Lambs 151 proof dark rum, Canadian Club Classic, Brandy, Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale, Large Ice Cubes, Lime Juice, Water
Dr. Pepper, Rum, Amaretto
Captain Pepper
Spiced rum, Dr. Pepper
Coreys secret stuff
Vodka, Sloe Gin, Dr. Pepper, Peach Schnapps
Cowboy Cocktail #2
Crown Royal, Dr. Pepper
Dr Jack
Yukon Jack, Dr. Pepper
Dr. Daniel
Jack Daniels, Dr. Pepper, Ice
Dr. Daniels
Cherry, Dr. Pepper, Bourbon
Dr. Kevorkian
Vodka, Dr. Pepper
Dr. Peppermint
Peppermint Schnapps, Dr. Pepper
Dr. Rasberry
Chambord, Dr. Pepper
Dr. Schlager
Goldschlager, Dr. Pepper
Dr. Shivago
Dr. Pepper, Vodka, Gin
Dr. Shocker
Dr. Pepper, Aftershock
Flaming Dr.
Firewater, Dr. Pepper
Flaming Hurley
Southern Comfort, Dr. Pepper
good and plenty
Dr. Pepper, Sambuca
Jack Lemmon M.D.
Jack Daniels, Lemon, Dr. Pepper, Ice, Lemon
Jim Beam, Dr. Pepper
Levite Pepper Slammer
Southern Comfort, Dr. Pepper
M.C. Afterfuck
Aftershock, Malibu Carribean Rum, Dr. Pepper
Pepper Slammer
Southern Comfort, Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper, Grain Alcohol
Red Rock
Vodka, Wildberry Schnapps, Dr. Pepper
Roly Poley
Rum, Dr. Pepper, Cherry
Root Canal
Peppermint Schnapps, Root Beer Schnapps, Dr. Pepper
Rye & Pepper
Rye whiskey, Dr. Pepper
Ice, Whiskey, Malibu Rum, Dr. Pepper
Southern Doctor
Southern Comfort, Dr. Pepper
Spice and Ice
Absolut Citron, Goldschlager, Dr. Pepper
Super Qell
Vodka, Whiskey, Dr. Pepper, Chocolate milk
Espresso, Peach Schnapps, Dr. Pepper
Terror From the Deep
Hot Damn, Dr. Pepper
The Boiling Panther
Spiced rum, Dr. Pepper
The Drink of Champions
Crown Royal, Dr. Pepper
The Spiff
Amaretto, Dr. Pepper, Cherries, Ice
Rum, Whiskey, Dr. Pepper
Willy Wonka's amazing wammy
Alcohol, Cherry juice, Powdered sugar, Dr. Pepper, Cottage cheese, Vinegar, Cough syrup
Wsu Hardon
Dr. Pepper, Cola, Grenadine, Vodka, Rum
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