Aberdeen Angus
Drambuie, Honey, Lime Juice, Scotch, Water
Drambuie, Vodka
Drambuie, Malibu Rum, Cherry Brandy, Lemonade
Grand Marnier, Drambuie
Drambuie, Rum
Bent Nail
Drambuie, Rye, Kirsch
Black Tartan
Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Drambuie, Kahlua
Black Tie
Drambuie, Scotch, Amaretto
Buie Coffee
Coffee, Cream, Creme de Cacao, Drambuie
Butterscotch Collins
Club Soda, Drambuie, Lemon Juice, Scotch, Sugar, Water
Cactus Bite
Bitters, Drambuie, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Tequila, Triple Sec
Cactus Prick
Drambuie, Lemon Juice, Tequila, Triple Sec
Celtic Comrade
Coffee Liqueur, Drambuie, Irish Cream, Vodka
Christmas Pudding
Southern Comfort, Drambuie, Guinness Stout
Circular Incision
Drambuie, Scotch, Vermouth
Kahlua, Drambuie
Blue Curacao, Drambuie
Cumulus #1
Drambuie, Tia Maria, Cream, Egg, Sugar
Dancing Leprechaun
Irish Whiskey, Drambuie, Lemon Juice, Ginger Ale, Lemon peel
Derosier'S 19Th Hole
Bourbon, Coffee, Cream, Creme de Cacao, Drambuie, Rum
Dmitry's Coffee
Coffee, Cream, Drambuie, Irish Cream, Scotch
Don'S Rusty Nail
Drambuie, Rye
Drambuie, Vodka
Drambuie, Gin, Lemon Juice, Scotch
Gippo Hippo
Drambuie, Eggs, Ice Cream, Rum, Vodka
Banana Liqueur, Drambuie, Lemon Juice
Drambuie, Cointreau
Highland Hot Milk Punch
Cinnamon, Drambuie, Eggs, Milk, Scotch, Sugar Syrup
Jack Frost
Jack Daniels, Drambuie, Grenadine, Sweet and Sour Mix, Orange Juice
Kilted Black Leprechaun
Irish Cream, Malibu Rum, Drambuie
Scotch, Drambuie, Rose's Lime Juice
Last Call
Creme de Cacao, Drambuie, Frangelica
Lemon Highlander
Limoncello, Scotch, Drambuie
Amaretto, Drambuie, Tia Maria, Coffee
Misty Loch
Drambuie, Gin, Irish Cream, Kahlua
Mushroom Bomb
Kahlua, Drambuie, Irish Cream
Ouzo, Drambuie, Pepsi Cola
Cointreau, Kahlua, Drambuie, Irish Cream
Nuts 'n Holly
Drambuie, Irish Cream, Frangelica, Amaretto
Orgasm #5
Drambuie, Irish Cream, Brandy
Phillip Island Firewater
Triple Sec, Drambuie
Pot of Gold
Drambuie, Root Beer
Prince Charles Coffee
Coffee, Cream, Drambuie
Rusty Mist
Drambuie, Irish Mist, Ice
Rusty Nail
Scotch, Drambuie
Rusty Spike
Drambuie, Scotch
Scottish Coffee
Coffee, Cream, Drambuie
Tabasco Sauce, Drambuie
Southern Palm
Drambuie, Peppermint Schnapps
Spring Fever
Drambuie, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Lemon
Drambuie, Vodka, Beer
Tall Ship
Kahlua, Irish Cream, Drambuie
Tartan Special
Glayva, Drambuie, Irish Cream
Tastes Like Shit
Apple Cider, Banana Liqueur, Drambuie, Limeade, Root Beer Schnapps
The Three Minute Killer
Drambuie, Triple Sec, Vodka, No ice, No mixers
Amaretto, Brandy, Drambuie
Umbrella Man Special
Vodka, Kahlua, Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, Drambuie
Warm Woolly Sheep
Scotch, Drambuie, Milk
Bourbon, Drambuie
Rum, Drambuie
WheelBarrow Home
Blue Curacao, Drambuie, Gatorade, Grenadine, Vodka
Who Needs A Man?
Cherry Liqueur, Creme de Cacao, Drambuie, Frangelica, Godiva Liqueur
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