Maple syrup
Beer, Beer, Cola, Maple syrup, Vodka
All Canadian Coffee
Coffee, Cream, Maple syrup, Rye
Aunt Jamima
Lemon Juice, Maple syrup, Rum
Beer, Gatorade, Maple syrup, Tabasco Sauce
Hot Lemonade
Lemon, Maple syrup, Pepper
Kent'S Corners Hot Cup
Maple syrup, Rum, Cider
Maple Leaf
Lemon Juice, Maple syrup, Rye
Maple Russian
Coffee Liqueur, Maple syrup, Milk, Vodka
Porky Bone
Maple syrup, Vodka, Aftershock, Kahlua
Apple Juice, Maple syrup, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice, Vodka
Saurian Brandy
Orange, Vodka, Sugar, Maple syrup
Steaming Hot Holiday Punch
Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cranberry Juice, Maple syrup, Nutmeg, Orange Juice, Sugar
STP (the motor oil of course)
Scotch, Vodka, Maple syrup
Tad's Wonder Shot
Ice, Ice Cream, Maple syrup
The Fat Albert
Chocolate mint liqueur, Kahlua, Maple syrup, Chocolate milk, Ice, Whipped Cream
Vermont Maple Blaster
Rum, Maple syrup, Water
Warsaw Waffle
Maple syrup, Vodka
Cognac, Maple syrup
Limeade, Maple syrup, Maraschino
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