Schweppes russian
A midsummernight dream
Vodka, Kirschwasser, Strawberry Liqueur, Strawberries, Schweppes russian
Carl Johan
Gin, Pisang Ambon, Lime Juice, Schweppes russian
Gin Balalajka
Gin, Orange Juice, Schweppes russian
Golden Sip
Lakka, Gin, Schweppes russian, Ice
Hashi Bashi
Gin, Campari, Schweppes russian
Jesus is Here
Schweppes russian, Vodka
Kiss me Quick
Cranberry vodka, Apfelkorn, Schweppes russian, Apple Juice, Ice
Absolut Kurant, Schweppes russian, Ice
Lysekil's groggen
Vodka, Orange Juice, Schweppes russian
Nummer 10
Raspberry vodka, Kahlua, Schweppes russian
Olle Goop
Vodka, Lime Juice, Schweppes russian
Party Death
Lemon vodka, Schweppes russian, Schweppes lemon
Picasso "1"
Cranberry vodka, Banana syrup, Lime, Schweppes russian, Ice
Vodka, Schweppes russian, Lime Juice, Carbonated soft drink
Russchian Comfort
Southern Comfort, Ice, Schweppes russian, Lime Juice
Russian Sarin
Absolut Kurant, Melon Liqueur, Schweppes russian
Taste of Winter
Absolut Citron, Cherry Heering, Galliano, Schweppes russian
Vodka Russian
Vodka, Schweppes russian
Absolut Kurant, Grape Juice, Schweppes russian, Grenadine
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