Add Stock To Your Bar
Sure there are other web sites that have drink recipes, but one of the primary things that sets apart is the ability to search for recipes based on the stock you have in your home bar. The applet above allows you to add and remove ingredients from your online bar stock. In the panel on the left is a listing of all the ingredients found in Corky's database. On the right are ingredients you have in your bar stock. If this is your first visit, then this panel is probably empty. If you have a large bar stock and don't want to have to re-add it on every visit don't worry, every time you come back we maintain your online bar stock. Now here's how you add and remove stuff. . .

  Adding Ingredients

Adding ingredients is simple. All you need to do is double click on a ingredient in the left-hand panel. This moves the ingredient from the (Ingredients Available) panel to the (Your Bar Stock) panel. To see more ingredients available to choose from scroll down. After you have your entire bar stock over, or the bar stock you wish you had :), click on the display recipes button at the bottom of the applet.

  Removing Ingredients

Removing ingredients is simple. As a matter of fact, it works in exactly the same manner. After you kill off a bottle of whatever double click on the ingredient in the (Your Bar Stock) panel and it will be moved to the (Ingredients Available) panel. Now you can rerun your search with the modified bar stock.


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